Goodbye Oklahoma

23SPoltzWatrmrkIMG_9772.jpgGolly gee, Mind mind is completely blown. I am leaving OKC this morning and it's finally sunny. I watched Juno in my hotel room. LOVED IT. But that's not what blew the gasket in my head. Not even the fact that I finally gave in and started taking antibiotics for the green oyster farm that is taking residence in my already tattered lungs. (I'm anti antibiotics ya see) But I had to give in to the amoxicillin (or however you spell it) What tripped my wires was the fact that I didn't know a story teller's society even existed. It's like a whole other portal to a different universe. I was busy as a clown being chased by mimes. Would that be busy or creeped out? Well, I was busy. I played shows to kids, then to disabled adults and then to severely disabled kids. Any problems I thought I had were instantly wiped off the map stamped in my grey matter. People in Oklahoma are OK by me. I met some great "tellers" as they call them in the storytelling biz. Then I finished it off with a show at The Blue Door. Greg Johnson owns the joint and is going to heaven for sure. Even though he cusses like a drunken sailor he's still going straight the golden land. I love his venue and always provides a good time. I think I played 8 shows in 3 days at the storyteller festival thingy. Now we are off to Kansas City and 16 shows in a row. Gotta get healthy. Gotta get healthy. That's my mantra for the day. Love, Poltz