Goodbye Greeny

greeny.jpgBreaking News! Greeny died. After many a long journey, Greeny finally succumbed to the perils of the road. The vagabond life finally took its toll on Greeny. When axed for a comment Steve Poltz broke out in tears and grabbed his guitar. You may hear it it hear first. Caught on tape. Listen Here by clicking here and you'll hear The Ballad of Greeny!!!! The Ballad of Greeny Greeny went to Port Washington, Wisconsin Greeny went to London, England Greeny went to Croatia Greeny went to Nova Scotia Greeny went Boston, Austin, Athens, Hightstown, Philly, Eugene and still stayed somewhat green. Gang green. Gang green Greeny went to Slovenia Greeny went to Bosnia Greeny went to Tucson, Arizona Greeny went to visit Oklahoma Greeny got to visit Kansas city Minneapolis and old Milwaukee sure looked really really really pretty Greeny went to Sufflok, Virginia (did he say fuck?) no Suffolk! Mowtown, Detroit, Stax in Memphis Greeny took a nap in San Diego Made a connection in LAX Greeny went to San Francisco, Cali Greeny never got to go to Maui Greeny had a good life Never took himself a wife But he laid on top of a lot of hot suitcases In the cold underbelly of many an airline He kept many a luggage lady warm Greeny was cheeky, frisky, risky One time greeny got splashed with whiskey Greeny got rolled down Houston Street In New York City in the sleet (that was a cold night!) Greeny went to Houston Texas Took a ride in my father

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