Good to be home

bristol_700.jpgDrawing by Laura Barnard It's always good to come home but I sure do love Australia. I'm gearing up to leave for Canada and trying to get ready for my Belly Up Tavern show on Feb 19. John Castro is flying in to San Diego for The Rugburns extravaganza debacle and I'm finishing all the last details for my new CD Dreamhouse which will be available for the first time on that Friday night. Life just seems to keep pumping along and along the way I meet cool musicians like this Canadian guy named Dan Mangan. He played at a couple of the same places I played in Australia. Very cool gent and a good entertainer as well. I also saw Folk Uke! Man, are they ever funny! If you get a chance, don't miss their show. They're sweet and bawdy and touching and crude all in one package. The drawing at the top of this entry is by a really cool artist from England named Laura Barnard. Check out her site and hire her for work. I'm also in the midst of finishing up a second cd that I was working on in Perth. It's being mixed as I type this. Totally different vibe from Dreamhouse. I hope you like them both. I don't have a title yet for the Perth record or a release date but it will be this year. I also just got word that Malcolm is flying out from Perth for my Belly Up show. He recorded and is mixing my Perth record. You're going to love him. Ciao, Steve