Good morning world! Im hungry

I woke up hungry this morning like a freaky puppy. A freaky puppy from uncanny valley looking for breakfast. Then I saw thus picture and I wasn't as hungry as I thought I was. But now um I'm hungry again. So I guess that that means all feelings pass. All things must pass. Thank you George Harrison. I always liked you. I remember one time I was in New Zealand and George Harrison was staying at the same hotel as I and he held the door open for me as I walked behind him and he said "good morning.". It was amazing. It jolted me from my jet lagged stupor.

I'm off to Corvallis, Oregon today. Or at least near Corvallis. I am looking forward to this show. I'm going play at a winery. Bee bop a loo la. Actually Philomath Oregon at The Harris Bridge Vineyard tasting room. check it! These people are all related to Matt The Electrician. Rock on! Check Matt here!

Gotta eat like a freaky puppy now! All things must pass, SjjP