Good Morning!

20111103-114709.jpgFirst night of caravan sleeping and I'm still alive. It rained all night and I dreamt I was Martin Sheen on the set of Apocalypse Now. People appeared to me with their faces painted white carrying spears and I was watching it all as Marlon Brando sat back in a chair slowly breathing as steam emanated from his freshly shaved head. Then I woke at 6am to the snores of Herr Modl. I kicked him from across the trailer and he moaned like a hungry coyote in the desert watching a party from a hilltop ridge. Then he stopped snoring and I resumed my slumber but wasn't able to get back on the Vietnamese island. But I did sleep for another four hours. I woke up rested and ready to face the nonstop English rain. Now we're getting the brake lights on the trailer fixed so people know we're pikeys fresh from the movie Snatch. I sure could use some brekky right about now. I am the new hungry coyote. My forearm is looking pretty tasty. Just a nibble.

I wonder if Dolly Parton ever gets out of the shower and stands there naked and says "wow, I have huge breasts!" Were you just wondering that too? See? We're cut from the same cloth. Hi! I'm 8. Tonight we Play Wimbourne, England at The Tivoli Theatre. I am The King. In Spanish that's Rey!