Going up the country to Arcata

20140419-091736.jpgCurtains in my head open and close and open and- well, you get the idea. Think about the fact that you control the curtains in your brain and head. You choose what you want to see and when to see it. You may walk into a room with people you don't like and their energy bothers you. Well, shut out the negativity. You don't need it. You can visualize your curtains being shut so you don't have to hear the lame and negative bullshit. Or----> OPEN YOUR CURTAINS and open your eyes and look at the parking lot with NEW eyes.

We allow people to bring us down. But the good news is: we are the gatekeepers to our souls and hearts and we don't have to allow people to live rent free in our heads. So if we visualize good things then we attract good things and happiness. We emanate we germinate we fabricate WE VIBRATE and we receive.

Today I take a drive to Arcata California for a fun show at Humboldt Brews -aka Humbrews- 856 10th St, Arcata, CA 95521 (707) 826-2739

So open your curtains and let good things in. Be open to NEW THINGS. Breathe in as deep as possible. Breathe out. Repeat. Think good thoughts. Your curtains are opening and the movie is about to begin. Don't miss it. Humbrews