Go with the flow

The world keeps spinning and my head goes with the flow. The purpose of a porpoise is to keep going and my senses tell me that it's time to start moving. Therefore I hereby decree that Wednesday shall be a day of activity. Some folks call it hump day but I call it Eat A Box Of Cookies Day. Eat every cookie and then go for a walk to clear out the old pipes and imagine you're a golden flower growing in the darkness with a cloud above you and your little green stem is barely holding you up. Relax into the moment and let yourself be as you glide with the flow and your breath slows to mirror a lazy stream. Your heart is barely beating as silent as a tiger in full hunting mode. Let the sugar run through your veins until it tires and you close your eyes as you keep going not needing vision for where you're heading. You're almost there amigo. Look for clues along the way and try to be honest as a good dog. Wipe the sweat from your brow and heed the call as you keep on keeping on and on and on and on. Puuuuuuuurfect.... You made it.