Go camping with 2 psychos version 3.0

bluhmand-me.jpgJuly 23rd to July 27th 2008 This will be the third year of the song writing workshop I give with Tim Bluhm. See us above in the picture? He is my dear friend and 3 years ago we started doing this great trip to Yosemite in the Ansel Adams back country. Each year we've had a blast sitting around the campfire singing songs and making you guys write new ones. We swim in Lady Lake and go on beautiful day hikes. We camp under the stars and howl at the moon like bastard wolves. Tim is in The Mother Hips and has great songs. The kind of songs that stick to your ribs. Songs about California and Tinkerbell and lots of other things. If this sounds like your cup of broth then I suggest you sign up soon. There are only 11 spaces available. All of your meals are cooked for you by wonderful guides. All of your is hauled up by sherpas and servants in robes. We usually see UFOs in the sky and the donkeys and mules go crazy. For more info go here: Click Here to for more info Sleepy Creek Vineyards was fun tonight. Illinois is colder than the inside of a meat locker. But the people are warm like Cracker Barrel green beans. My cough is on the wane and I hope it fades like the first pair of Levis I bought in 4th grade with my paper route money. Dammit, I loved those jeans almost as much as I loved that first guitar. Milwaukee tomorrow. Is it tomorrow already? All I know is Milwaukee is on Feb 21. Who tours in Wisconsin in the dead of Winter? Only idiots do I guess. Well then I want to be the Grand Marshall in the parade of idiots. Check this out--------- I said "edgier" ---------------------- in some press for the upcoming show in Cleveland. Click Here to read me saying edgier That's all for now. I'll leave you with the lyrics of a Minnie Riperton song Loving you is easy cuz you're beautiful. la la la la la - la la la la la- la la la la la la la la la doo n doo doo doo doo. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! S.P.