gmc.jpgI am so glad in my life I finally got to see the GMC ad. It has been since 1918 since we were allowed to see the commercial. What a curse I have had to deal with. They kept showing this stupid baseball game of two teams hogging the spotlight from GMC. This crap could have never happened without the sponsorship of a wonderful car company. I hate it that baseball gets in the way. Curse schmruse. My friends Westy and Dr. Leach kept interrupting my car commercials with their gin sotted phone calls of baseball lore. I hope Bush wins the election so I can have something to complain about. I still haven't received my absentee ballot from San Diego. I think Arnold is trying to keep this musician from voting. I mean, I applied for the absentee ballot 4 weeks ago. Now they tell me I have to have it back at the registrars office by 8 pm on Tuesday. It is costing me 50 bucks to vote via Fed Ex. Congrats Boston Red Sox!!!!!! Steverino Conspiract Theorist Poltz