Gig Harbor! (literally) Washington

Thanks to all the amazing Seattle folks who came out to The Tractor last night. Fun show good people sweet times. Gosh dog, it's beautiful today in the great northwest. We're cruising down the road in Hyman Roth (the name of my touring van) and the sun is shining down upon us. Modl behind the wheel bellies full of great food from a French Cajun place in Seattle called Toulouse. We had gumbo and eggs and beignets and tea and stuff. The picture above is a photo of Gig Harbor. This is the view from the place I'm playing. Show is at 7:30 tonight. Here's some info that Michael the promoter sent me. Note how at the end it says Stoltz instead of Poltz! How coolis that?

1. The one-of-a-kind Steve Poltz will perform at Morso in Gig Harbor tonight - an impressive booking put together by the also one-of-a-kind Michael ONeill. The Volcano's Ron Swarner has a good Steve Poltz story. The rest of us may not, but we could after tonight. At the very least this is a show to catch.

THIS WILL BE A TREAT >>> I met Steve Poltz at an American Music label party at SXSW in 1994. A couple months before I flew down to Austin, his folk rock band, The Rugburns, released their debut album, Morning Wood, and I had been playing the shit out of it. Guitarist Poltz and his band mate, guitarist Robert Driscoll, performed acoustic melodies spiked with ridiculous lyrics. The most popular song off the album, "Me and Eddie Vedder," was a grating contemplation on the glorious possibilities of overdosing in a hotel room alongside Eddie Vedder.

As I chatted with Poltz during the party, a young woman with an amazing voice performed for the crowd. Halfway through her first song, she had the balls to tell the music executives, media and partygoers in the room to show some respect and, basically, shut the hell up.

"That's my girlfriend," Poltz said, pointing to the blonde on stage.

The blonde was Jewel. Later on, she would yodel for the crowd.

A couple years later I saw him in Jewel's "You Were Meant for Me" music video (a song he co-wrote). He was the skinny guy teenage girls everywhere stared dreamily at.

After The Rugburns faded, Poltz released several well-received albums and started his own record label. His songs are popular for their clever and often moving lyrics, and his way with an acoustic guitar is impressive.

Stoltz will perform Thursday, Dec. 2 at the Morso wine bar in Gig Harbor. I highly recommend this show.

UPDATE: Michael ONeill, the man who is bringing Poltz to Gig Harbor, will interview the singer-songwriter tonight on his KGHP 89.9FM radio show at 7 p.m. Listen to the stream here.

Steve Poltz Thursday, Dec. 2, 8 p.m., $20 Morso, 9014 Peacock Hill Ave., Gig Habor 253.229.0187

Cool! Check out the parking job Chris Modl did last night!

What a freaking parking guru he is! Wow. See ya tonight. Steeeev Stoltz