Ghosts were floating around. Some were trapped. I heard their voices. They were whispering to me as I whistled by.

I said "hey you guys, I'm headed to Nowra to play a show. I ain't ready to join you. I'm meeting up with my friend David Ross Macdonald from The Waifs. We're doing a show tonight Wednesday in Nowra and then we're playing together on Thursday in Candelo. It's going to be fun. You ghosts can come along for the ride but I have to go play The National Folk Festival this coming weekend. Then I'll be back in Sydney to play The Vanguard Mar 31 and April 1. Then I'm headed to Peterborough South Australia for a Saturday April 2 show and then on Sunday April 3 I'm playing The Gov in Adelaide. And then April 5,6,7,8,9 and 10 I'm playing The Melbourne International Comedy Festival at The Athenaeum. Each show is at 6:45 pm except for Sunday April 10. That show is at 5:45pm."

The ghosts have decided that they want to come along for the ride. I feel a chill in the air.