Here I am getting a cup of tea in the hills and acting shocked at my picture in The Sun Herald.I played in The Blue Mountains last night in Katoomba and now we're headed on The Great Western Highway towards Sydney. Last night's show was a surprise to me. I really wasn't expecting much and was actually really tired and feeling down. I thought there would be about 6 people at my show but the room was filled. People who saw me at The Peats Ridge Festival and locals who told other locals who told other locals. About 2 hours prior to the show I was actually thinking that I wouldn't be including this area on my next tour and that I would only do cities where people showed up. Well- people freaking showed up and now I can't wait to play here again. It's weird how life works. Just when I think I'm out they drag me back in!

Huge gratitude to Francesca Sidotti for opening the show and bringing out heaps of people as well. Check out her music and stuff here.

While I'm thanking people I'd also like to thank Sam Shinazzi who opened for me at Notes the other night. I loved his music and he saved the day by giving me a bridge pin for my tenor guitar. Mine snapped in half right before show time and he took his out of the bridge his guitar and gave me it. That's like giving me the shirt off his back. Check out Sam's music here. He sent me this email: From: Sam Shinazzi Subject: G'day

Message Body: Hey Steve,

Sam Shinazzi here, the opening guy last night at Notes.

Thanks so much for having us along; it was a pleasure to play to your adoring audience and we had some nice folks chat to us afterwards so I think we got through to some of them.

I thoroughly enjoyed your set. I got into you through the Jewel connection then bought a few albums but I must say, I am won over again completely. Your sad stuff is so sad, your beautiful tunes are swoony and your funny side is, well ... as I said last night ... insane. But a good insane I must point out! I loved how you gave yourself to the audience, I so respect that in artists. You do it better than most I have seen, if not anyone. And the fact you said I sounded like Evan Dando ... dude, he is one of my musical heroes (and kinda friend now)! So that really meant a lot.

I am hoping to come down tonight to the Brass Monkey; as I said, I live in the next suburb. It is my hometown! Depends what time I am done at work this evening, but hopefully. Its 50/50 as I type. I work at Fox Sports, hence me asking about you being a Chargers man. Anyway, you HAVE to ... HAVE to mention how awesome the Cronulla Sharks are. They are our rugby league team, and the heart of the district (shire haha). They have had a bad few years but will be looking to a big 2011. So please, trust me when I say you should get a reaction (if the locals are out) by saying "Go the Sharks!". If I don't make tonight I may to make the Monday Surry Hills show.

I'm heading to the state again in November so if you're around, be awesome to catch up. I haven't been to San Diego but it is on the list, I have heard its a great place.

Anyway, thanks again Steve and please thank Chris too ... what a top fella!

Keep in touch, hope you dig the albums when you get a chance to have a listen.

Sam x

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So anyways there you have it. My final Sydney show is tonight at Stcky Bar in Surrey Hills. Details are on show listings here at Poltz.com

Cheerio, Steve