Full bloom rock N rolllll

20111116-101446.jpgWe are moving now folks. Shows every single night. No rest for the wimpy. Fun fun fun till our daddy takes our T-Bird away. I woke up in a parking lot by the M-1. Heard trucks whizzing by. We played at The Tokyo Club last night in Lincoln. Lincoln Nebraska? Nooooo. Lincoln in Lincolnshire in somewheresville UK. The club we played didn't know if it was a disco or a live music venue. I vote for disco. We had to be out of the club by 11 pm because it turns into a disco night club. We didn't finish the show until 10:20 and man, I've never seen such a quick load out. To make matters worse there were 3 flights of stairs to carry the heavy equipment up and then down. Who needs a gym membership when you've got action like this? It had all the hectic activity of South By Southwest on a Friday night doubling as St Patrick's Day. We made it out alive and it all ended ok. I took a couple lovely shots of the countryside yesterday that I wanted to share with you. Unsurpassed beauty.

20111116-102409.jpg But the true award winning shot is the next one.

20111116-102454.jpg I must say that the crowd last night were amazing. They bought my CDs and chatted with me and invited me back. I still am throwing it out there that I want to come back and play people's houses. I ain't kidding. Just write me through this website and we'll set it up. I will play your houses I will play your living rooms I won't stop. Can't stop me! I was born to do this. It's in my genes and DNA. When I was a child I spoke as a child but now I'm a bird and I'll sing like one. Let's bring some love and joy to this overcrowded planet. Always (at your service) Steven jj Poltz