From Edinburgh to Inverness

20111120-133740.jpgEdinburgh is a beautiful city with winding streets leading to other hidden streets with secret tunnels going under buildings leading to castles. If you enjoy walking then you'll be in paradise because there's so much to look at. I love strolling around unfamiliar cities and breathing in all the energy and hustle and bustle. I especially love wandering into old bookstores and vintage clothing shops and just getting lost looking at all the different faces and hearing all the different and wonderfully strange accents.

20111120-134731.jpg The streets go on and on and you find yourself getting thirsty for a cup of tea so you duck in to a cool little spot for a sandwich and a tea.

20111120-135028.jpg Nighttime starts to creep in and now you have to play a show. But you're lost! You need be back on time but the streets just keep on winding. Yikes!

20111120-135533.jpg So I played the show to a boisterous crowd of Saturday night revelers. They were loud and buzzed and very vocal. We loaded out fast as it was another music venue doubling as a nightclub disco. I woke up in a truck stop and drive to Weem to a really cool pub called The Aileen Chraggan. Here's a pic of today's Sunday lunch menu.

20111120-140550.jpg The owners were super nice and we chatted with a bunch of locals at the bar. The soup was so warm and welcome. I think it was carrot and coriander and it hit the spot.

20111120-140953.jpg Then roast pork loin applesauce cool looking cabbage wrapped veggies and potatoes and rich warm gravy. All with dogs running around the pub and people chatting about anything and everything.

20111120-141419.jpg Sticky toffee pudding? Yes. Thank you. I'm too full in a food coma to take a picture when it arrives. so I have a few bites and then snap.

20111120-142415.jpg So good with tea. Damn. I may finally gain some weight and quit being a human skeleton. This was fun. We have show tonight in Inverness at The Iron Works. It's going to be amazing. I just know it. Because this is a good Sunday to be alive. In fact it's the best Sunday to be alive. Ohhh--- I almost forgot. Simon made a new Video. You can see what it's like to drive with us. Watch Here!. Peace out. I must keep moving. Or I'll rust.

20111120-142853.jpg Happy Sunday to ye. Steve