Free Nashville show! What???

TN-Nashville.jpgBreaking News! Shaking News! Earth Quaking News! Leaf Raking News! Cookie Making News! Fish Laking News! Body Aching News! Breaking Fucking News! I Steven Joseph Joshua Poltz am playing a free show in Nashville. Nash Vegas. Nash freaking Ville. Robert Altman's Nashville. Tennessee. November 28th at 5:30 Pm sharp a rooni Yes That Nashville. Country Music, Nudie Suits, BBQ, Songwriters, Thieves, White People and Record Labels. Yes, I said free. You're losing money by not coming out to this one time event. It kills me to not charge you people but I ain't gonna. Hell no. Not one red cent. STEVE POLTZ "Traveling" ...Special Album Preview Show! The Basement Nashville TN November 28th 2007 Doors at 5:30pm Show 5:45-7pm SHARP! 'happy hour with Poltz' Click Here for the Basement My life is going to be very busy with the release of not 1 but 2 CDs on Jan 22. Come hang out in Nashville for an early show. Until then I remain your friend, Steven JJ Poltz