Free Music from a guy named Steve Poltz

meeee.jpgIf you go to The Daytrotter site you'll be able to download some free music. I think it's me that you download. Yes it is! I'm playing some songs and singing. Check it oot. On the last blog entry I wrote I said My Mom drove my wounded dog Bojo to the vet. I also said my Dad drove. How could they both drive you ask? Well let me splain it to you. ahem ahem.... They both love driving so much that they always fight over who gets to drive the car. They're like a couple of 16 year olds who just got their drivers licenses. Meanwhile my dog was dying in the backseat on my blood stained Levis that I bought with my paper route money. So I screamed " you two knock it off! Dad! You drive first and then when we get to Ruth Hardy Park, pull over and let Mom drive down to Ramon rd past Palm Springs High School (go Indians!) to the vet on highway 111. You guys have to learn to share for Chrissakes!" They both shook hands and agreed with me. This was back when Richard Nixon was President and there was a war. He was spying on his political rivals and I was spying on Megan Hanlon who lived down the road from us. She loved Bojo too so I knew I'd get a sympathy kiss. Me and Mokie and Megan would play football in the dirt lot behind Shakeys Pizza. To this day my parents still fight over who gets to drive to Costco for jumbo packs of root beer. Sometimes when I come home for lasagna and cookies they let me drive their car to the movies while they sit in the backseat holding hands and pretending we're in the movie Driving Miss Daisy. Only it's Mr. and Mrs. Daisy. So that's how they both ended up driving Bojo to the vet. Thanks for reading this latest entry. Just for sticking around you get a free car. Love, Oprah