Fred Van Vactor

fred-cover.jpgHello kind visitors to Nice to see you. It's about time I quit twittering and wrote on the old website. I've been doing nothing but traveling. Thanks for the cool midwest run. I feel all Michiganny and Illinoisy in my heart. A long time ago a guy named Fred Van Vactor wrote me an email that I liked so much I read it on stage to people across the world. I thought he was a crazy stalker and I was right. About the crazy part at least. Stalker? Hmmm perhaps. Way cool? For sure! He showed up at the songwriting workshop I teach with Tim Bluhm through Southern Yosemite Mountain Guides. So after hearing his songs and introducing him to Christopher Hoffee aka Atom Orr they decided to make a record or cd or cassettte or 8 track in Escondido California. This is a great cd! I urge you to buy it. Buy several copies for your friends. Get it on iTunes or off of Fred's website but make sure you get it. Here's the back cover fred-back.jpg So yeah- buy it on iTunes or at cd baby. Thanks to everyone in Australia for the last couple months. Thanks to Dawn and Rob for putting on such a cool house concert in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I love New Mexico. Thanks to Matt and Teri for hosting another barn blowout in Michigan. Thanks to Eric Rudiak for putting on The brother's K show in Evanston, Ill. And John and Sandy Benequisto for building a stage in their basement in McComb Mchigan and putting on a jam packed rock show complete with fireworks and fog machines. Bloggily yours, Steverino