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20131204-170659.jpgFor my guitar playing traveling friends out there. I travel with 2 guitars when I'm on tour and they're both in hard shell Calton cases. However, it sucks when traveling if you also need to check a suitcase full of merch. I always have two bags to check so I usually fly Southwest because they give you two bags free. (Sorry Rob Hanning I know you hate them) But I always need to check two bags so I can combine my 6 string Taylor and my 4 string tenor guitar and they weigh in just under 48 pounds inside this golf bag made by Club Glove. This is a company that makes bags for golfers. For some reason the airlines won't charge you for oversize baggage if they think you're a golfer. If it's a surfboard you're screwed with a hundred dollar charge just because you're a surfer and not a golfer. If you're a guitar player like me and you travel with 2 axes AND merch to sell then you can really get screwed. I also have a heavy carry on with vinyl records and tshirts and more CDs.

So I just got this bag and they even put my initials on it! SJJP for Steven Joseph Joshua Poltz. The bag ain't cheap but I paid for the 5 year no questions asked warranty. And believe me, I can wreak havoc on a bag. So I don't mind paying more for something that works.

Here's the link for the bag in case you're interested.

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