Folk Alliance madness is here

I added a 2:30 am show on Thursday night (actually Friday morn) room 1911 constant clip so here's my updated gig listing

My Folk Alliance gig schedule --Memphis Mariott Wed- 02/16/11 Jenni Finlay’s Room (#1713) Time: 11:30pm

Thurs- 02/17/11 Free Range Records Presents (#1724) In The Round Time: 3:30pm. w/Amilia K Spicer

Thurs--02/17/11 Folk Alliance Official Showcase – St. Louis Room Time: 9:30pn

Thurs--02/17/11 Folk Alliance Suite – Time: 11:30pm In The Round with Webb Wilder and Mark Olson


Constant Clip room 1911


peace out!

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