Folk Alliance

20140219-123529.jpgThanks for all the sweet birthday messages. You guys are very kind.

Tomorrow I'm headed to Kansas City for Folk Alliance.

Me and my buddy Andrew Pressman are hosting our own showcase room and I'm playing other showcases. The only off site event is listed below.

Thanks to Meg Carter for the cool poster. I can't wait to see all my folk freak friends! Raina Rose Matthew Sever and heaps more.

Here's my crazy schedule: Steve Poltz Folk alliance showcases 2014

All shows at The Westin Kansas City at Crown Center 1 E Pershing Road Kansas City Missouri

Official showcase is Friday Feb 21 9pm Century C

Hotel room shows:

Thursday, Feb 20: 10:30pm Room 737 Poltz and Pressmam's Sanctuary of Jamz

Fri 11:30pm tikly showcase room 727

Fri 12am Jenni Finlay Promotions room 715

Friday, Feb 21: 12:30am room 737 Poltz and Pressmam's Sanctuary of Jamz

Sat feb 22 10:30pm room 735 Rockies by northwest

Saturday 12:10am Yukon Roots Room 541

Saturday, Feb 22: 2:30am room 737 Poltz and Pressmam's Sanctuary of Jamz


Friday Feb 21- 4pm: teaching at song camp Session 6 - Steve Poltz Art of Performance

Also Sat Feb 22- at 11:30am Knuckleheads Saloon 2715 Rochester Ave Kansas City, MO 64120 SongCraft Presents: New Music at Folk Alliance (Washington Park Place 1) The songwriting web series SongCraft Presents features a different guest artist in each episode -- at Folk Alliance this year, we'll be writing and recording brand new songs with three artists. Each artist will play their new song, and talk a little about its genesis, and then we'll discuss collaboration, and share some techniques and approaches. Ben Arthur (m) Kelley McRae, Artist Steve Poltz, Artist Amy Speace, Artist

Sat Feb 22 - 4:00 - 5:30pm song camp Master Class (Panel: Wendy, Jim Photoglo, Steve Poltz)

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