Flying to the rock.

20140201-110045.jpgLast night I played a show in a house in Antigonish. Had a fun time and met a bunch of new people and probably scared and scarred some of them. I think it went well. Have you ever played a show and then about half way through, your spidey senses tell you that these people think you might need to be committed or locked up? That happens to me most nights so I'm used to it.

After the gig I drove two hours at midnight back to Halifax for an early flight to St. John's Newfoundland. On the drive there was a huge buck standing on the side of the road. An amazing sight. He just stared at me as I whizzed by. I was so glad he didn't run out in front of me.

Tonight I play The Ship Inn aka The Ship Pub aka the place where you can drink a lot of booze if you're not a teetotaler like myself. You can drink as much as you want and by midnight the streets look like zombie land. Great people live on the rock. I wouldn't mind spending a full year there just to relax and soak in the great creative vibes.

Anyways- I'm excited to play tonight. 9pm

Thanks for listening. Isn't there a Super Bowl or something tomorrow?

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