20131017-082314.jpg"I'll take a juice of kale, beet, apple, celery, cilantro, carrot, ginger and parsley."

"Ok, give me a couple of minutes" said the girl behind the counter with digital clock on her forehead.

Everywhere I look I see digital clocks counting down the time like a sporting event. Only this isn't sports, it's a life clock.

"Do you see the clock on her head?" I asked the woman in purple. She shrugged and moved two seats away from me and proceeded to text someone.

Why was I given this gift? I never asked to be the timekeeper. I can't tell people what I see. They'll all want answers. After all, wouldn't you want to know how much time you had left on this spinning globe? Or would you prefer to be oblivious? If you knew you only had a month would you do things differently?

"I see dead people" said the boy in the movie.

I don't see dead people. I see people with clocks. I see alive people moving and shuffling along. Every single minute collisions are happening. Good collisions and bad. This is why it may be better to think of opportunities like fresh naked baked cookies you can grab ahold of and take a bite out of.

That's why just for today I ask that you think of the clock. Call someone you love and let them know you appreciate them. This is fence mending time. Tick tock tick tock. Eat the naked cookie.

As Steve Miller said "time keeps on slippin'slippin'slippin', into the future."

Fly little eagles. Fly........

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