finally home!

polioboy23.jpgHalleluiah! I have 3 days off. I saw Borat. Read the paper. Slept in and tomorrow going to eat some Mexican food. Thanks for coming out to all the fine shows from San Fran to San An. It was true pleasure traveling through the towns that were on this last leg of shows. Borat was funny. The paper was depressing and sleeping was my favorite thing of all. My friend Tim Flannery is going to The Giants as their 3rd base coach ending 25 plus years with The Padres. We had fun on the road together and it was great hearing all the beisbol stories from him. I wish him and well must say it will be strange seeing him in a S.F. Giants uniform alongside Bruce Bochy. I don't know what I'll do when they play each other?. I am heading to the east coast this weekend so come check out a show or 2. Empty bottles on my shelf. I got no one to listen for. and i'm at home all by myself they say you left 2 days before my arrival............. Listen here I love this weather. peace out, Me p.s. check this out: