Final Requests for tonight

belly-up-380.jpgI got the requests you so kindly sent in. If there are any last ones please file them below. The Padres ended up losing again last night. I watched every painful rain delayed inning. At least they keep on finding new and creative ways to blow the game. So we got that going for us which is nice. I think I'm going to go clean out my closet and give away all of my shirts. I'll just bring them to The Belly Up and you can have them to use to polish your gas guzzlers with. How come the price of gas keeps going up yet the price of cds goes down? It costs a lot to travel to these cities and play music. Shouldn't President Bush give a gas break to troubadours since we make people happy? I just don't see him really giving a shit. Maybe Cheney will do it. He has a lesbian daughter so he must be kind of sensitive right? Yeah, that's the ticket, I'll write to Dick Cheney and tell him about my plight and he'll cut me a gas break. Maybe he'll just cut me some gas. Wait, that sounds awful. If you would like to hear my performance on KGB fm then go here and scroll down to August 8th and there are 2 parts. You can opt for a pod cast or just listen right there. See ya tonight in Sandy Eggo, Steve