feeling midwesty

midwesty.jpgphoto by frag Hi Kittens and Doggens, Today I am feeling midwesty and court jestery. The tour is proceeding along just as planned by the people in the sky who plan things. You know- the little guys and gals with wings that fly in the clouds and arrange dinner parties for unsuspecting broods of pilgrims. Angels or angles? It all depends on your math skills and suspension of disbelief in otherworldly deities. We are only here as the calendars flip pages and root out the old and bring in the new. Sheesh, in a hundred years none of us will be here anymore on this planet except as dust or coffins so we might as well go out there and smile a bit. I plan on living until the ripe old age of and even 100 but my body might have other plans. So suffice it to say that this is a love letter thanking all of you from the bottom of my heart. Remind me to remind you to remind myself to tell you that I love you. And, that I am grateful to be out here on the road traversing cones and leaping over tall buildings and running from stray rabid dogs and feeding pigeons and trying to avoid the bird flu and mad cow disease. All just for the sake of a show. A show? Yes a show of music and skits and stories and you get to see Billy Harvey and and his magic bag of tricks. So check the tour dates and meet us tomorrow in Minneapolis and then follow us to Miwaukee and Dayton and Indianapolis and Frankton. Heck, don't stop there- come to K.C. and OkCity and then breeze on down to Dallas, Austin , San Antonio and Houston. C'mon! Everyone's doing it. Love, Poltzy