Feelin' Seattley

Feelin' SeattleyI'm in a plane. I can't complain. I'm on a plane. I can't complain. Manny Mota last night was kooky. 1100 people crammed into The Showbox to see The Presidents Of The USA. Presidents Day Weekend. They sold out 3 shows and flew me up to open Sunday's show. Krikey, it was amazing. It was like I got introduced to 1100 new people. 1100 really nice people at that. I should be exhausted but I'm from outer space so I sleep standing up. It's really cool how it works: I have a flux capacitor in my stomach near my kidney and on Saturdays it recharges with stored up sun juices sent down from reflections beamed from other planets. It's really complicated but to put it in more simple terms my kligmatic gyrations are dynamically different from hypomagnetic images of Harry And The Hendersons. You know what I mean? Thusly the vinyl fissures are problematically reduced to the size of peas and ball bearings. Textures vary accordingly. That's why I like chocolate chip cookies with walnuts.

It's important that we reach our potentials for which we were chosen. listen to your inner vibration. Let it lead you to goodness. Let the river flow in your heart and various maps will then appear intermittently. Signs are everywhere. You're just not listening the right way. Look at the parking lot with brand new eyes. I could tell you more but I'd have to kill you. Squadron 23 freak division. All ways, Reno