Farewell Australia (the cherry on top of the sundae)

Paul Kelly & Moi Leaving Australia (the cherry on top of the sundae) The last few days have been a whirlwind of torrential activity with clouds of haze and sunshine and moonbeams all battling the tick-tick-tocking of time. Holy heck man! I think I was in the tiny hamlet of Dean, Victoria playing the 30th birthday party of two best friends whose birthdays were separated by only one day. Sheedy and Roger are two funny guys. I didn't really know what I was walking into as I'd been too busy to really check the details of where I was headed. It was a costume party where you come dressed as a musician or a band or something to do with music. I came dressed as Steve Poltz. My costume was flawless. There was a guy dressed as Alice Cooper and another guy dressed as The Queen which was a pretty clever way to represent Queen. A couple guys had mullet wigs and fake mustaches and were dressed as roadies. There about 3 Madonnas and some other girls who came dressed at The Pink Ladies from Grease. It was awesome! Sheedy was David Bowie circa Ziggy Stardust and Roger was Bruce Lee. By the time I hit the stage the crowd was well lubricated so I did my best to come out swinging and by the end of my set I was drenched and felt sort of Rugburny.

Next up I played a show in Footscray, Victoria which is a suburb of Melbourne. Matthew put on the show and it was in a kind of hard to find weird little venue on a dirty river. It was right next to The Big Day Out Festival so we could hear music in the distance from huge rock bands. It was hotter than the kitchen sex scene in The Postman Always Rings Twice. We're talking hot man. Here's a review of the show. I think it was one of the weirder shows I've ever played so for fans of weirdness, I would recommend downloading this one as soon as it's put up online. I freaking loved that show. Thanks Matthew.

After that I played a Monday night show for Ian and Jodie in their neighbor's backyard with an amazing view of lush green hills. Everyone brought their families out and I started the show by asking everyone if they'd ever smoked pot. Not one person raised their hand in the air so right away it established these people as liars! It was a fun show with lots of stories and songs and good food and a few mosquitoes. It was in Ferntree Gully so there was a gang fight between Deano Gifford's house concert clan and Ian and Jodie's house concert clan. It was like Braveheart with horses and sharpened sticks and Scottish accents. I loved it, I'll definitely be back there again. Thanks Ian and Jodie and the cool neighbors with the great house. I want to live with you guys.

The cherry on the top of the sundae! I got to have brekky with Paul Kelly. Milan surprised me and set this up. This is the greatest gift I've ever received. I love Paul Kelly's music. He's the quintessential Australian songwriter.  Bob Dylan is the American Paul Kelly.He's been hero of mine for years. I can't believe I got to have breakfast with this man. Look how happy I am in the picture! I love his descriptive lyrics and his singing and I'll never forget this. Milan is the man! I have no clue why Paul Kelly would come and meet me for a cuppa but he did. It doesn't add up but it happened. We had a great conversation. He has curious eyes and a soft gentle demeanor. He bought me breakfast and would not let me pay. He said “This is MY neighborhood mate, in MY country. I'm buying!” I got scared and started crying. Not really but almost. I'm still riding a pink cloud from this meeting and I'll remember it the rest of my life. Thank you Milan. I love you. This has been a great tour. I love Australia with all my heart. Thanks to everyone who helped us along the way. Your hospitality has been simply extraordinary. I could easily live in your country.

Thanks to Donald Collie for letting us stay at your fine Melbourne palace and feeding us like kings. Your family is amazing and you're so fun to be around. All I did was play a few songs. Shiza Minelli this was fun. I'm sitting on a plane headed towards L.A. and now I'm going to try to sleep but I know I won't. Sigh…. San Diego here I come. Now arriving in San Diego. Ahhhhhhhhhh home. xo SjjP