Falling down for fall

20111109-221912.jpgAren't these leaves pretty? I love fall colours. Sitting backstage in Stroud. I'm in the venue and I'm trembling I'm so cold. Can't get warm. Spent the early evening hurling into a toilet in Phil's house before the show. Some flu bug crept up on me today and literally kicked my ass. I haven't puked that hard since I was a little kid. Glenn had it two days ago so I'm on the delayed reaction plan. Miles's friend Phil is letting me stay in his guest bedroom but I did t meet him until right before the show. I was in his living room waiting to shower and I met him. I was under the covers and finally got up and there he was cooking dinner in the kitchen. I shook his hand and spoke about 4 sentences an the proceeded to run to the loo/ vomitorium. my pa told me to get a flu shot before I left but I said, "noooo I never get sick." Now here I am backstage with curtains over me lying I. The floor in the fetal position listening to Glenn. I played my set and it was puke free. Is that like gluten free? Not sure. All I know is I got thought the show. Thank God we have tomorrow off. I'm staying under the covers all day. Stonehenge is going to have to wait. But hey, aren't those leaves and colours pretty? S