The Birdman of Alcatraz has taken the flowers for Algernon and deposited them in a foreign safe deposit box. The box holds the results of the test scores of mice that were banned from public view. I hold the combination in my memory bank but my memory is fading like that pair of Levi's I bought after mowing Mr McGuire's lawn. He was an old alcoholic who'd scream at the top of his lungs after one too many vodkas. When he was sober he was a complete gentleman but after a few drinks he'd howl at the moon like a drunken wolf.

The world is so beautiful that it sometimes makes me cry. Remember Of Mice and Men? Oh Lennie. Oh Tragic. There are so many Lennie moments. It's all a house of cards barely held together. This life tries to hold on to its jalopy steering wheel but it's all greasy and whatnot.

They say it's all over in the blink of an eye. But who are they? And what do they really know?

Excuse me but what are your specials tonight? I'm Looking for something crispy yet soggy with a hint of paprika.

Thank you Springfield Illinois. Casey's Pub was strong like the balls on a bull. Goodnight.

Everything Elsesteve poltz