Endangered Species

IMG_4515.JPGOk, I've discovered my new favorite chocolate. This is perfect. It's all I need. If I could shoot it into my veins I would.

Hang on, someone just interrupted me in the alley behind Whole Foods.

Scary guy- "Ummm excuse me sir but did you know that you CAN inject this chocolate into your veins?"

Me- "I can? How?"

Scary guy- "Here let me show you. It's much faster and the high lasts longer."

Me- "Is that needle clean? It looks dirty."

Scary guy- "Oh, that's just chocolate and maybe a tiny amount of DNA. It's pretty clean. Besides, you can't catch anything from needles. That whole needle disease thing was a rumor started by Al Qaeda and PETA."

"Ok cool. Whoa, dude, this is some pure chocolate and the salt and the almonds sort of makes it a mellow buzz. Thanks bro. This is great. What do I owe you?"

Scary guy- "Nothing. No worries. The first one's free."

Me- "Is there an ATM around here? Let's buy more."

Brought to you by Endangered Species Chocolate. Proud sponsor of The Rugburns.

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