En route to Clitheroe

20111201-153634.jpgToday we drove by signs for Cockermouth and Giggleswick on our way to Clitheroe. Who comes up with these names? Me? I love it. What a beautiful drive. People- I tell you- come travel The UK in the beautiful countryside. You will dig it the most. Sleep in a trailer and eat like Queens and Kings. It's gorgeous-ville everywhere you look. It's December and there's a chill in the damp air. But nothing will stop me from arriving in Clitheroe. Clitheroe Clitheroe Clitheroe. Find Clitheroe. Arrive alive in Clitheroe. Plunge into Clitheroe. Rock that town. Reporting from The outskirts of Clitheroe, Steven P ( saint steven)