Email of the week!

From: Connor LaVelle

Message Body: Dear Mr. Poltz, Although we did not realize the struggle that would lay ahead of us in the days to come, my best-of-buddies, Cullen, and I, decided that, in a joint effort reminiscent of buddy cop movies, we gave up 'slapping our salami' for Lent.

Needless to say, Steve, the task at hand (or not in hand, whichever way you want to look at it) has proven to be quite hard.

Two things have given us hope and kept us sane during our plight against 'salami temptation'.

1. Spongebob Cartoons

2. Your song, "Give You Up For Lent". Without your tune, we would be two irritable cumudgeons (that might be the best pun I've ever thought of). So we just wanted to thank you.

So, thank you! "Give You Up For Lent" is keeping us alive, and we thought that the least we can do is thank you and explain how you saved our situation.

Sincerely, Connor LaVelle

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