Dude! It's The Hugh Thompson Show! And violence among ants.

23ants.jpgHola Amigos, I wanted to talk to you about violence among ants. This picture was taken on my camping trip when a fight broke out among two ants over a piece of turkey. This is an award winning shot which captures the hardships facing ants and the difficulties they face in ever reaching some sort of peace. Why can't they share? Are they a microcosm of what's happening in our world today? But then I remembered that------------------- Today is the day of the debut of The Hugh Thompson Show! I've been in New York City quite a bit lately filming episodes of the show. It's a pretty neato talk show for geeks. Here's how they describe it: The Hugh Thompson Show takes the concept of the late-night talk show to level geek, letting the luminaries of the tech world out from behind the keyboard, and into the studio. Taped live in front of a studio audience in New York City, and featuring the musical talents of Steve Poltz and the Apostles, the Hugh Thompson show features guests such as Bill Cheswick, HD Moore, Steve Bellovin, and many, many more. I've had a blast being the band leader guy and Hugh is amazing. He's from The Bahamas and is the smartest, geekiest, coolest guy I've ever met. Every show I learn new things and so will you. You can watch it anytime. Just click here and go to The Hugh Thompson Show and watch any of the 5 episodes you feel like. There is even a scene selector so you can watch whatever part of the show you choose. Just click here: http://techchannel.att.com/ They'll be putting up 2 new episodes each week. See ya soon. Peace to the ants, Steve