20130518-122125.jpgI play Dublin Ireland tonight. It's my only show over here because tomorrow I head to Glasgow. So dammit all, come on out to Whelan's. I flew over on Ryan Air. Can somebody please remind me to not fly them again? They charge you for everything. Don't have your boarding pass printed out? 10 pounds more. Don't even try to carry a guitar on. 50 pounds more. For each guitar. Don't even think of bringing anything heavier than a laptop with you. They weigh your carry on bag and charge you if you're over 6 kilos. Do not ask for water. They'll charge you. For a second there I thought I was going to have to pay a pound to take a piss. My favorite part of the flight is how they keep trying to sell you things like those electronic cigarettes! Seriously. They're over the intercom saying how you can get 9 grams of nicotine in each ciggy. Then they tried selling lottery tickets! It was awesome. I'm Not kidding. It was pure comedy gold!

But.... I'm in Ireland for one night and this makes me very happy. I'm the support act for The Lost Brothers. They're amazing. I met them in Austin at South Bu Southwest. SXSW. They invited me to play and I said "oh heck yes!"

See ya tonight!