Driving somewhere

20131228-102025.jpgI keep hearing people say how depressing and dark the new Coen Brothers film is. But I beg to differ. Beg beg beg. Folks are saying that it didn't depict the joy and camaraderie of the times. I think as a traveling troubadour that that's how life can be. Llewyn Davis' character is sort of bitter yet he has a heart. It shines when he sings. He just has a disdain for the phoniness that he senses. He's a punk rocker before punk rock.

He makes bad decisions and just can't seem to get it right. He's down on his luck and out of cash. But somehow I think the Coen's make it funny. They have a dark view of humanity yet they mix it up with humor. Sort of like The Buddha. Isn't the first tenet of Buddhism that life is suffering? That's why he's smiling.

Llewyn Davis makes a mess of things and doesn't do himself many favors. But when he visits his Father in the retirement home and sings to him it's one of the most touching and beautiful scenes on film I've watched in a long time. They let it breathe and it hurts in a perfect way.

Sometimes I just want to go to the movies and be challenged and feel something and laugh and cry. It's an escape. You have to suspend disbelief and know that this movie is fiction brought to you from a very skewed lens of a pair of talented brothers. They took what happened in 1961 and twisted it up into their world.

But holy moly this was a funny movie.

I've been traveling and singing on the road since 1988 and played on the streets and slept in vans and couches and been on tour buses and private jets. It's all a crazy journey for the sake of a song and some applause and warm smiles. Today I'm in a rent a car driving to Colorado Springs for another gig in front of some new people I've yet to meet and some old friends. I just try to enjoy the ride.

Thanks for listening. Go see Inside Llewyn Davis.

Tonight Colorado Springs opening for Elephant Revival at Stargazers Theater.

Tomorrow on Sunday at 2pm I play Nederland Colorado at Blue Owl Bookstore.

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