Don't worry

20140424-191524.jpgWhoa! I jumped into the dryer to get my shirt out before it shrunk and I got sucked inside of a hell hole vortex and spun around 157 times until a woman with a toddler in a stroller walked in and heard me screaming for help. I was flabbergasted when she pulled me out and she spoke no words but hung this sign on my trembling hands. I feel like the world is a kaleidoscope full of unicorns and wet peppermint tea leaves collected from the pockets of wayward Levi's escaping from seaside stores in Indonesia. Nag Champa burns and the plumes of scented smoke twirl around and around like wicked cobras dancing to the sound of a distant flute in the dirty mouth of an orphan. Everything is upside down for me and things are looking up. I just need to find my footing and somehow stop the ringing in my ears. Life can be good. Life should be good. Life WILL be good. Don't worry about today- it's already tomorrow in Australia.