Does this mean Jesus will deliver bratwurst?

bratz.jpgBrats Fish Chix and Mushroom Onion Melts? That is so cool. I was in Breckenridge Colorado driving home from a show and I saw this sign at A&W. I was so happy I pulled in and had a root beer. At first I thought that Jesus would deliver me some food but when I asked at the counter they said no. I was bummed and told them it was false advertising but they weren't having it. I told them that I thought it would boost sales if I could be watching some Sunday NFL with my friends and then the doorbell would ring and there would be Jesus with bag full of brats. I would be the hero and everyone at the party would high five me. Me and Jesus would talk about The Chargers and world peace and the new season of Jericho. They escorted me out of A&W to my van and asked me to leave. For the record, the mushroom onion melt was very tasty. I think I'll go google the recipe. Thanks for the good times in Portland last night. A long show. Too long. But lots of laughter and Mississippi Studios is one of my favorite places ever to play a show. If you should find yourselves in Portland, stop by and see a show there. They brew it right! Love to all, Potz i mean Poltz