Does this camera angle make my nose look big?

I feel like my nose looks bigger. Ruff ruff. San Diego is lovely this time of year. I love the cool winds that blow in from the Pacific and the way the air smells with the salt water mist. Makes me feel alive and happy. I have the whole week off and I'm going to see a bunch of movies and sleep and recharging my batteries for the upcoming run east towards south by southwest music festival in Austin, Texas or as the cool kids call it; SXSW. Ohhhh- I'm going to have John Castro and Stinky from The Rugburns with me for that week of shows. I can't wait. Yay! Then John Castro is going to fly back to NYC for his job but Stinky is going to stay out until April 5th with the cardboard box action and brushes. Don't miss these shows. Yo! SjjP