do you shop at the mall?

me-and-keri.jpgguy 1 says Nobody really thinks the plant closure will affect us. I have a feeling it could be bad for boxer rebellion sales forces in Atlanta and half of the southern region. Several of the district managers have complained recently of pork pie duck liver reduction sauces. Word on the street has it that fern bars are back in style and before you know it dog walking will be illegal. Many people see shadows in their normal everyday walking routes. The feds are on to something big here. It is only a matter of time before this whole town will blow up like The Beatles. guy 2 says ummm. do you have any sort of idea how the feet work? I hear they have a mind of their own. My cousin once walked 3007 feet to get a beer in the middle of the night while in the midst of a dream. He woke up face down in his underwear in the house down the block next to Robert Downey Jr. It was kind of like a Twilight Zone episode except it really wasn't. Next week lets open up a pilates gym and we'll call it Pontius Pilates pilates. Our trainers will have names like Herod, Archelaus and Judea. Steve Steveson