Dennis Borlek Sr.

googoo.jpgThis is Dennis' dad. For those of you who don't know Dennis, then this is a starter course. This is the man with the evil seed that gave little Denny his jump start in to this great big world. He housed me while I was in Oregon and he is a fancy gardener. Personally I think he is wanted in several states. He is way cooler than his son "Evil Dennis." Perhaps one day after several years of intense training little Denny will learn to be as cool as his pop.. Until then we can only pray. I am excited for my show on Friday at Sycuan Casino here in El Cajon. Stinky and I spent the whole day in some rat hole rehearsal studio working out some cool versions of songs. He has decided to join me on stage and we both have agreed to play the show naked. I hope you can make it out to the new Sycuan nudist colony. I hear that Milan flew out from Melbourne Australia especially for this show, so it should be a hoot. I talked to Dennis Jr. today and we just added a C.L.A. tribute show on Dec. 29 so all of you peeps that are flying out for the New Years bash should come out early to the Casbah for this shindig. See you at the blackjack tables. I'm your huckleberry. Poltz-0-Rama