Dec 7 San Francisco

20131203-182646.jpgI saw All Is Lost You'd think Robert Redford could get someone else to be in the film with him but they didn't have the budget. Heh heh He will win an Oscar. He is the master of understatement. Matthew McConaughey will be his toughest competition for Dallas Buyers Club.

I saw Hunger Games Catching Fire Didn't love it but I was in like with it. I have a feeling the next one is going to be good. Wardrobe will win an Oscar.

I saw Blue Is The Warmest Color Good love story. For a couple seconds during the sex scenes I felt warm in my bathing suit area. Someone will win an Oscar. This is a long movie so go pee first. Oh- and it's in French so be prepared to read subtitles.

I saw Dallas Buyers Club Matthew McConaughey will win an Oscar. Unless the Academy gives it to Herr Redford.

I get to play San Francisco this Saturday Dec 7. Swedish American Hall above Cafe Du Nord. Gonna be fun

Everything Elsesteve poltz