Day off- laundry day

20110531-123454.jpgDirty socks and dirty undies I like Tuesdays and I like Mondays. I'll eat crepes while standing in a doorway leave my wet towels on the floor way. put some detergent in a cup and give you a call to say "whassup?" watch my clothes spin round and round and see Toronto from downtown. I'm happy just to be alive I act like I'm six but I'm really five. I'll jump rope with the best of them smell the rose and clip the stem. Today I have the whole day free that hasn't happened since I was three. Roses red and violets blue I love the way the lightbulbs screw. Clockwise spinning round and round until I'm dizzy on the ground. Laugh until your gut explodes break the secret morse codes. The answers wait for you to find go at your pace you're not behind. I'll be your friend forever more you always have an open door. Listen to your thumping heart watch the raging oceans part. close your eyes and dream a dream watch the lovely white moonbeam. Today is fun it's laundry day all is joyful happy and gay.

I play Hugh's Room in Toronto on Wednesday at 8:30 :)