Day five in a row of yoga ---DOUBLE FEATURE

20110720-020513.jpgThis is day five. The big five. Mustn't stop now. Just getting started. Time to hopefully stretch out the old neck and back. I ain't no spring chicken anymore kids. I got to stay limber so I can serve the people happiness on a wooden platter full of lovely treats. I am the treatmeister doling out treats like a concession clerk at the double feature movie house. A Fistful Of Dollars and For A Few Dollars More. How cool to serve treats at the altar of Sergio Leone and perhaps sell packages of Red Hots candies to kids so they can pretend they are little Clint Eastwoods with candy cigars in their mouths. That's what I did when I saw that double feature all those years ago. Then, I'll never forget going to the bathroom thinking I looked as cool as Clint Eastwood only to be bummed when I saw my young whisker-less face in the mirror with lips stained red from the (probably cancerous) dye in the Red Hots candies. Ahhhh but what a double feature it was. Little did I know just how cool Ennio Morricone was with his soundtrack music to both of these films. This music sounds even better today as I sit here and reminisce of days gone by. Film and music! FILM and MUSIC! Hallelujah brother! Let's all take the day of and go to the movies. I fucking love this life. SP