Dangling conversation action

  -->3 voices in my head<--

One says, "Let's go outside and sneak into that place where the horses run for money. What's it called? Oh yeah, the racetrack. Let's look for gamblers that seem to know what they're doing and peek over their shoulders and steal their exacta and trifecta picks. Old men in visors seem to know how to bet the ponies. It'll be easy, just like when we used to read the newspaper over people's shoulders on trains."

The other voice says, "Yeah nah. Let's not. There are easier ways to make money. I think we should start selling weed in Denver. It's totally legal bro, and since we don't partake in the bud we'll make millions because we won't forget where we left the cash register."

Then the third me (the invisible me) chimes in with an authoritative voice and says, "these are both good ideas and we appreciate your Steve-ish input but after a long and arduous staff meeting we've decided to keep our day job and continue touring and playing live to punters in various locales."

End of conversation.

There's always a conference call taking place in my weary noggin. Please press 1 for Hungarian.

* means co-bill with Grant Lee Phillips

May 12 Santa Barbara Ca Soho (solo no Grant Lee Phillips)

May 13* Berkley Ca Freight and Salvage

May 14* Humboldt Ca Humbrews

May 15* Ashland Oregon- The Armory

May 16* Sisters Oregon The Belfry

May 18* Seattle Wa Triple Door

May 20* Portland Or Alberta Rose Theater

May 22 San Diego Ca Reuben H Fleet Science Center

June 5 Cambridge Massachusetts Club Passim

June 6 NYC Rockwood Music Hall stage 3

June 7 NYC Rockwood Music Hall stage 3

June 10 Easton Maryland Stoltz Listening Room

June11 Ashland Va Ashland Coffee and Tea

June 13 Bryn Mawr Pa Bryn Mawr Twilight Concerts

June 14 Vienna Va Jammin Java

June 16, 17, 18 -Charlottetown Prince Edward Island Canada Festival Of Small Halls

June 19 Margaretsville Nova Scotia Canada- Evergreen Theater

June 20 & 21st- Halifax Nova Scotia Canada - The Carleton (2 nights!)

July 3, 4 & 5th- Quincy Ca High Sierra Music Festival

July 10, 11 & 12th- Winnipeg Manitoba Canada- Winnipeg Folk Festival

July 21- steve sings the national anthem at Petco Park in San Diego 7pm Padres vs Giants

Aug 1 & 2- Cisco Grove Campground - Guitarfish Music Festival

Aug 21, 22 & 23- Owen Sound Ontario Canada- Summerfolk Festival

Aug 26 Oakville Ontario Canada -Moonshine Cafe

Aug 27 Toronto Ontario Canada Hugh's Room

Aug 28 Wakefield Quebec Canada The Blacksheep Inn

Aug 29 Eaglewood Ontario Canada Eaglewood Folk Festival

Sept 19 & 20 Ottawa Ontario Canada City Folk Festival

Oct 9 Melbourne Australia The Caravan