Dancing with the stars?

stevewaz.jpgI played a show at Pappy and Harriet's the other day and Mr. Steve Wozniak came out to the show from Los Angeles where he was giving a talk. I think he heard me singing and rambling on XM and wanted to see a show. I'm such an Apple computer geek that I almost fainted. I mean, that's cooler if James Taylor had shown up. So then he informs me that he's going to be on the TV show Dancing With The Stars. I don't really watch TV so I've never seen the show but I guess it's big. Who has time to watch TV? It seems like I have a show every night and it's too hard to watch TV and drive at the same time. What's even weirder is last night I played a show with Jewel and she tells me she's going to be on Dancing With The Stars and so is her husband Ty Murray. They're all going to be in the next installment competing against each other. So I'm going to know 3 people on a TV show that I've never seen. I guess that's a sign from God that I need to start watching television more. That should have been my New Year's resolution. Watch more TV. Start smoking cigarettes. And start selling handguns. Blog more frequently. Learn how to shoot heroin. Those are my new goals. Check out Steve Wozniak's official website. Another pic of Me n Woz and his awesome gal Janet. Here's a new song I made up with a cool video shot by O. The 2 gentlemen playing with me are Christopher Hoffee on the 12 string and Jim Austin on the stand up bass. Jim own The Rim Rock Ranch where we stayed. You can stay there too! Joshua Tree is beautiful this time of year. sing along with Steve! I'm Killin' Myself (to be with you) I jump up and I fall down Either way I hit the ground I climb a tree I go so high lose my grip I almost die Fallin' through the branches I