Crunch Time

polio.jpgI guess it's crunch time for The Padres. They are destined to break my heart again this time of year. The weather starts changing and football season is getting underway and the we are nearing the end of the beisbol season. The Pads start a 3 game game home stand against the Dodgers tonight. I think the whole season is at stake here. My Dad will be laughing at me if his Dodgers win this series and this is where teams teams need to sack it up. Why am I even a fan? Oh yeah: because it's really fun to yell at the TV. I saw Little Miss Sunshine the other day and laughed and laughed and laughed. Have you seen it? Great cast and good road trip movie. I also saw Talladega Nights and thought the French NASCAR driver was the best part of the movie. I love how he says the name Ricky Bobby with his french accent. The guy who is the star of Da Ali G Sow is the frenchy gay driver. How can you not love the idea of a gay French NASCAR driver? It is cloudy today and there is cool breeze coming through my window and it smells like sumer is waning. It's been a great one for me. Westy and I have become surfing stars. We hang out at winners' corner and paddle out on our boards in search of the perfect wave. Every once in a while we hit pay dirt. Speaking of pay dirt; I won 680 smackeroos at the horse track in Del Mar the other day. Woo Hoo! I'll be touring a heap this winter so I better break out my snow maps. SNOW MAPS! HERE! More Later Gator, Poltzy