Crossing the border

20110604-033717.jpg"Where are you coming from?" "Ummm Canada." "I know that but what city?" "A whole bunch of cities. Halifax, Toronto, Montreal, St John's and St John" "They got two Saint Johns?" "Oh hell yeah! They have an unlimited supply up there. More than even several pallets at Costco could hold." "Wow. Well you're in America now so I don't wanna hear no more talk about Johns and Saints. We got Detroit and some other really badass cities. Welcome to Michigan son. Welcome home. You boys got anything in this here van I should know about?" "Just some guitars and CDs and heroin and a little bit- ummm maybe 4 pounds of pharmaceutical marijuana." "Oh? Is it the Justin Beiber weed? I hear that's the shit that killed Elvis." "I don't know. I can't remember. Are we in Iceland?" "No, dummy, you're in America now. Welcome home. I need you to pull over to secondary now." "Ok." "Psych! Just kidding. Go on through. Remember that this is the land of Cracker Barrel so toss out the Tim Horton's tea cup. That stuff's very addictive." "You mean like heroin and meth?" "Exactly!" "Thanks Officer Friendly! I got a show tomorrow night in Indianapolis at Locals Only. Hope you can make it. Sunday night. Locals Only. Doors at 7 Chris Wolf opens the show at 8."

I am back in The USA! Thankyou Canada! What a great tour. Cheers and Hello USA!