Correction! Correction!


Just a quick note from Istanbul

I just actually read The Chart attack interview about the best song ever left out an important fact of the story! The coolest part about the story is that Erick Rudiak a great singer songwriter suggested I write the song from the point of view of the guy who gets shot by Johnny Cash. So it was a perfect combination of events, the Danny Ferrington part of the story is amazing but without Erick's suggestion the song wouldn't exist.
He also wrote one, however his doesn't involve transvestites etc...
I thought I mentioned this in the interview along with stuff about Yosemite but perhaps I'm mistaken and old age is setting in. I can't remember half the shit I say.

So I just wanted to give Erick some inspirational credit here as well as Danny Ferrington.
Check out Erick's music dammit!
Thanks to Chart Attack