Contaminated zone

20111110-155504.jpgIt's around 4 in the afternoon here in Stroud an I'm thrilled to have the day off. Last night I greeted the leaves outside with an unhealthy dose of barking vomit. I was literally barking at the ground. The was a guy walking across the street looking at me laughing. It was 1 am and I thought I had gotten the last of the alien out of my body. But apparently the alien had other plans. The alien wanted me to bark at the ground. I wanted to sleep on the sidewalk just so I could feel the cool asphalt on my sweaty face.

Ahhhhh. Sleep. And more sleep. Kill the alien. Tomorrow I'll be a newer skinnier me. The alien must die. Call Sigourney Weaver and tell her I need her help.

Standing eight count. Steve