Come to Santa Cruz!

20110616-123919.jpgExcitement builds like a half put together treadmill in a random suburban garage on a humid sweaty day. We need you to attend this show tonight for several reasons. 1. Superman would want you to. 2. Lex Luther would be compelled to attend. 3. Lois Lane needs you there. 4. Bambi will be there. 5. The Polar Ice Cap is melting and our time is limited. 6. Kryptonite is dangerous and needs to be eradicated. 7. Music make the heart happy.

So do we have a deal? If you can't attend then I expect you'll leave a random excuse below. Otherwise come one come all. Pecs be tit you... And also witchoo, Steven JJ P

The Crepe Place Santa Cruz Ca Tonight! June 16th Doors at 8